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"Plug Me In and Turn Me On."

That is what our new XBox is saying.
Too bad we aren't opening it until Texas.
That means school and the move have to be done first.


So I know I've always done things really fast. I first realized that when my softball coach in like 3rd grade told me that someday I was going to be the fastest woman in the world. Now obviously that didn't happen.
But I was always a fast runner.
When I stopped sports for piano I always played way too fast.
I try to get through everything as fast as I can.
Homework, studying, eating, sleeping, school, etc.
All fast. 

I kind of got hit in the face with this when I got feedback from all of my classmates about my presentations that last couple of weeks. For their suggestions on improvement, almost every person put that I should slow down.
And they all put that it was because they thought I was nervous.
I wasn't nervous.
I just get excited and naturally talk very fast.

I think I should probably slow down. Moving so fast makes me very impatient. That's why I have a hard time watching movies and sitting through lectures. And reading. And cooking. And it is a big contributor to the factor that I cannot do crafts in any form. And why I want to get through school. 

I should probably stop and smell the roses. I just move too fast to see them!

Luv, Lindsay

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