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It's always hard going back to school/work after a long weekend. This weekend was no exception. I was so tired all day long. Late nights and long plane rides definitely didn't help.

I made myself sick on animal crackers..bad idea. Work is a little rough right now since my internship ends on Friday so no one wants to put me on projects I won't be around for to finish. So I'm trying to find stuff to do - anything - research, documents, organization..I hate being bored, guys. Paul is done with his internship so he gets to stay at home all day and start studying for the CPA exam. Lucky boy.

My job search still continues.

Happy Fresh Breath Day!

Funny story - I was super tired and didn't feel the greatest so Paul almost had to carry me downstairs to workout while I complained the whole time. While I was brushing my teeth I told him to come brush his and he started whining and complaining to get me back for earlier.

Me: "You gotta brush your teeth or you're gonna have bad breath!"
Paul: "You gotta work out or you're gonna get fat!"

Touche. I had nothing more to say on the matter.

He did brush his teeth, though.

Luv, Lindsay

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