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Graduation. Again.

Post #100! Kind of crazy.

I'm in the process of organizing all of my documents and things so everything is in order when I leave and my fellow teammates can find any documents I may have worked on for them. It's kind of sad knowing I won't be on these projects anymore.

Animal Crackers are over halfway gone. This picture was from yesterday before I had some visitors :)

My cute husband who gets to sleep in now took me to lunch today. Fuzzy's Taco Shop is cheap and delicious.

We were putting on my new license plates (yes, I have had them for over a week, don't judge) and the front one is on so tight that we couldn't get it off. So my car is going through an identity crisis and is sporting a plate from each state. That's probably super illegal.

It just doesn't want to let go of Utah I guess! Don't worry, it'll be all Texas soon. Excuse my squinty eyes - it was so bright today.

Today was the day we all graduated from the No Limits Internship Program here at Southwest Airlines. Most people are going back to school but a few fellow graduates are sticking around either as Independent Contractors or full-time employees. For some interns today was their last day and for some it's not until the end of the month. Monday will be my last day to come in. It's really weird saying goodbye. Again. I just graduated.

Sadly after all of this time I still didn't know everyone in our class. We do all work in different departments, but it still would have been nice to have known everyone.

Paul came to support me. What a great cheerleader I have :)

 We each got a cute little certificate and they read off some things about each of us. Here's what they had about me:

Lindsay Knight
Brigham Young University
Graduated April 2012
Customer Engagement Intern

Top3 internship highlights:
·         Partnership events including Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Freedom Over  Texas, 1310 The Ticket, and University of Texas Athletics
·         Radio Promotions and Sweepstakes in Atlanta, California, Boston, Dallas, and Nashville
·         Had 4 posts published on "Nuts About Southwest" about Sports Illustrated at the Majors event and Denver partnerships
Fun Fact about your Internship: I got to be on the radio, fly in the simulator, see a concert, travel, and paint-all for my internship!

They had a slideshow of intern pictures and a video of intern interviews and more pictures. It was nice and a good way to look back on the last few months.

This is Laura, my awesome manager. She made sure I had lots of fun on my internship and gave me a lot of opportunities to travel and learn about how partnerships work. You can tell she truly cares about everyone she works with and wants to see others succeed. I have never met someone so passionate about a company than Laura is about Southwest.

I graduated! Just a few more days and I will be done with my internship. I can't believe how fast it all went. I will miss it for sure.

Luv, Lindsay

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