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The Orlando Magic NBA team sent us cookies yesterday. How cool is that? I got a cookie from the Orlando Magic. And it was delicious. They had ones shaped like basketballs, basketball shoes, and ones with their logo on it. So cute!

I love being able to work with sports. It has been my dream for a long time to work in/with sports and I got to do it in college and am getting to do a little bit now! It's really fun.

Speaking of sports, last night we got to go to a Texas Rangers game with Paul's work. It was so fun! I haven't been to a major league baseball game since high school and haven't ever watched the Rangers, as far as I can remember.

(Beth, don't read this part.) I really am not a baseball person. I think it's really boring especially since things only happen about half of the time. Most of the game you're just waiting..and waiting..and waiting for something to happen...ANYTHING to happen!

But we had a great time talking to the other interns, mostly about the NBA draft and playing basketball on Saturday, and eating the yummy free food. And the Rangers won, 7-6.

It makes me so happy seeing Southwest signage and advertising different places. Mostly because I kind of have something to do with some of it! Sometimes.. 

Phil looking drunk in the background..don't worry, he wasn't.

The one thing I will give baseball, they do have beautiful stadiums. 

Hopefully I'll continue tot get to work with sports or in sports. It will be so fun seeing the things I work on roll out for the rest of the season. I love sports. I love the atmosphere, competitiveness, and industry in general.

Even if it's baseball.

Luv, Lindsay

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