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If you aren't interested in handshakes, there is more exciting news below! Scroll . . .
Happy World Handshake Day!

Yes, WORLD handshake day. Not national, world. National Handshake Day is in a week or so.

I have a Pet Peeve in regards to handshakes. I hate it when people have a really wimpy handshake. It is most common in females but sometimes guys will do it, maybe because I'm a girl and they don't want to hurt me, and I'm just like COME ON. I can take it. Let's shake hands for real.

Thanks, dad. You taught me how to properly shake a hand.

Here at Southwest Airlines we are all about the LUV. What does that mean? Hugs not Handshakes. Of course, people still shake hands. Especially the males and when first meeting someone more important than yourself. So sometimes, because both are typically acceptable, you feel like this . .

But most of us aren't afraid to hug each other and sometimes introductions will be given with a hug. It's a lovely thing. We even have a conference room called "Hugs not Handshakes." What a lovely, loving company. I got my cube-mate, Ahmad, to send this out to the entire marketing team here at SWA. Love it.

June 14, the day I wrote about Flag Day and Southwest's Birthday, was also National Give Blood Day! I didn't know that. But, I got to celebrate it today, just a week later. I gave blood! Wooo! Paul is very jealous that my company had a blood drive and his didn't. :P (sarcasm . . )

For some reason my blood card didn't work and came up with someone else's name . . uh oh! Ya, I had to get a new one for this region. Lovely.

I have no problem giving blood. I always turn super pale and everyone freaks out thinking I'm going to pass out . . but I never have. 

 The finger prick is definitely the worst part.

And they give you yummy snacks after!
Make sure you drink plenty of water . . 

 I get to wear a fun sticker on my arm all day. 
And they gave me a t-shirt that is way too big.
Yay for over-sized shirts that don't fit us smaller people.

Speaking of over-sized, apparently my arm is too skinny for the compression wrap things they had so they had to find someone who could fold it up differently and have it fit on my arm so they didn't have to use one of those blood pressure things. 

If you have the chance, and your body can handle it, go give blood! Save a life! I've only done it a few times but if they have another drive soon, I'll totally do it. 

Exciting news.

I got published again on Southwest's Blog!

Click HERE to see it. It's not as exciting as other posts, but there will be a SWEET follow up that includes another page I've been working on. Stay tuned for that. :)

This week has been great, kind sad, and busy. I'm totally loving Dallas and Southwest . . I love when I'm busy!

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. I hate wimpy hand shakes....I'd rather have an awkward hug than a wimpy hand shake. Oh I'm hiking in Zion's tomorrow, just for fun. I'll send you a picture. Way to save a life. I have a cool shirt too, but it fits me. Yay for giving blood.
    Have a great week!


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