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pudding fail.

Remember the FIRST blog post I had published on Southwest's blog? I just posted the follow-up :) Click HERE to read the story of Gary in San Francisco. Writing for Southwest is super fun. I'm enjoying it.

Today is a super wonderful holiday . . National Chocolate Pudding Day!

I am a huge fan of the cheap, store bought chocolate pudding. Never fails. But today I got adventurous and made it from scratch. Unfortunately . . didn't work so great. It was more like a chocolate gravy. It tasted ok but wasn't the greatest texture.

The best way to make chocolate pudding is to mix a packet of chocolate pudding powder with a can of sweetened condensed milk and a small tub of whipped topping.

Now that's some awesome chocolate pudding, my friends. Next time.

Luv, Lindsay


  1. I love chocolate pudding too! I've only ever made it with skim milk, but yours sounds a lot better!

    1. I usually make it with skim milk . . it's obviously WAY better for you! But if you don't mind a few hundred extra's a fun way to mix it up :)


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