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Birthday #21.

Hey y'all! I'm playing catch-up. No time to blog on vacation :)

August 2 - Happy me :)
This birthday could have been quite a disaster. Paul left for Florida on Wednesday for an intern conference EY has at Disney World. Yes, he was in Disney World on my birthday. Rude.

The funny thing was I didn't even remember it was my birthday. Literally. I've never had that happen before. But after getting ready, having yogurt for breakfast, and cleaning up the apartment, I got a sweet text from my hubby wishing me a Happy Birthday. Aww :)

My team at work bought me a huge jug of animal crackers and gave me a sweet letter. I love animal crackers. Unfortunately, they are very addicting and are already half gone. Don't worry, I haven't eaten them all by myself.

My sweet cube-mate, Carrie, drove me to the airport at lunchtime and there began my last non-rev adventure. Dallas to Lubbock was easy, but I was warned getting on that I might get pulled off of the plane in Vegas. That would definitely have ruined my day. Who wants to get stuck in Lubbock, TX? Luckily, they let me stay on the plane and I safely made it to Vegas.

Lubbock to Vegas was my longest flight and I didn't have time to get lunch anywhere, so this was my meal for the day:

Yummy, right?
I didn't feel the greatest later.

So many people want to go to Vegas for their 21st birthday. I couldn't wait to get out! It was fun seeing the "21 and over" type signs and knowing I was old enough for anything Vegas had to offer. Good thing none of it is appealing to me. 

I spent about an hour in Vegas on the standby list waiting to go to Salt Lake. Originally I wasn't worried about this flight because there were plenty of seats but for some reason a lot of people decided to go to Salt Lake City last minute. But once again I was able to get on!

It was a very long day of 3 different flights but funny flight attendants and just making every flight made it wonderful.

And then I got to see my family! They had dinner all ready and even had a birthday cake waiting.

It was a delicious chocolate cake with snickers and whipped cream. Thanks, McKay and mom!

We watched some Olympics together and chatted and then I headed down to Provo to spend the night with my bestest friend, Beth. But of course when I got there she wasn't even home. Loved..

Luckily Holly was there! She had been on skype with a special boy and though I told her several times to leave me to finish her conversation, she refused. What a wonderful ex-roommate she is. :) It was a great talk about life and love and all that jazz. Talking to these girls makes me miss single life a tad but mostly makes me really really appreciate being married.

When Beth got home we talked until around 2:30am. Talk about major catch-up! It was so great. I love my Bethy! I need to be better at calling people I want to stay in touch miss out on a lot when you move to another state and don't call very often!

If you don't realize how ridiculously in love I am with my husband, you probably don't read my blog very often. This guy is the greatest thing. Ever. When Paul was on the bus home from Disney World full of who-knows-how-many interns, he called me and got the entire bus to sing Happy Birthday to me. It was basically the sweetest thing. Definitely not something I expected! It was hard being away from my sweety on my birthday, our first one as a married couple, but this definitely helped.

Paul is the first boy to ever kiss me on my birthday. Cute, huh? He is also the first boy I ever kissed on their birthday. Kind of special.

Overall, successful 21st birthday.

Luv, Lindsay

P.S. Shout out to Elder Tam and Elder Woodfield who share this amazing birthday with me! Also, to Uncle Benny who celebrated his half-birthday on this day. 6 months until Groundhog Day.

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  1. Excellent... sorry we missed you... sounds like a quick trip... and sorry you won't see Austin.... He will be calling or something I am sure!!!! And we will all wait out the details of the "Courtship" to follow.... :)


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