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Guess what.


It's kind of a miracle. School is done and behind us. And guess what? Grades weren't half bad either. Much better than I had expected.

Graduation was awesome. I performed piano (see previous post) and Paul and I got to walk together with our brother-in-law. Because I was on the stand, we got to walk at the beginning of the students.

(Thanks to my sister, Rachel, for the great pictures!)
 Paul and Jeff are the first students walking and I'm up on the stand.

Paul and Jeff waiting for everyone to take their seats. (It took forever.)

 Playing on the big screen!

Serious face.
My cute husband standing up to give me a hug after I played. :)

 Hand shaking..

 Cute parents.
Such a fabulous day :)

I will definitely miss the advisement center. 

We love the Tanner Building/Marriott School of Management!

You will be missed.

Homework and finals? Not so much.

More posts about our move to Texas to come!

Luv, Lindsay

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