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I know it's only day 2 . . but i LUV my job.

I feel so cheesy putting LUV on things . . it seems so cliche . . but honestly I have been using it on my email signature since I was probably in 6th grade. And I guess it's appropriate, working at Southwest and all . . but no, I didn't steal it. :)

Today during lunch we got to watch the series premier of On the Fly. If you didn't watch it, you should. It's pretty funny and shows some of the things Southwest employees encounter on the job. I only saw the one episode but I enjoyed it. People are pretty crazy sometimes!

We had happy hour for the interns today and it was fun to meet and re-meet some people. I don't think I will ever remember half of the people, but luckily I'm getting to know the people in my area pretty well. I got to sit down with several full-time employees from the brand engagement team today and am meeting with some more tomorrow. It is so helpful and has gotten me so excited for what I'm going to be doing this summer!

Things I learned today (both observations and advice from employees):

  • Southwest uses TONS of acronyms. Maybe even more than Disney. Crazy!
  • Speak up - the people at Southwest are so nice and will always accept all ideas and are so willing to answer questions and help you find answers. Everyone is so helpful.
  • At Southwest, they want to make sure you have a healthy work / personal balance. They encourage taking breaks from work and stepping away from work so you don't get burned out. 
  • Write everything down (I mostly only do this now to get in the habit and look like I know what I'm doing, but I know it will come in handy and help me out as the summer goes on.)
  • The Brand Engagement team rocks. I am so happy to be where I am!

Everyone is so nice and respectful and really just a lot of fun. And it seems like quite a few people have picked up on the fact that I am Mormon. A lot of people (especially the full timers I work with) have made comments that I'm pretty sure stemmed from the fact that I'm from Utah and went to BYU . . giving a 95% chance that I'm Mormon . . :) I've had so much fun and can't wait to party this weekend. 

Speaking of BYU...
Does the quote look familiar?
Yes. It's on one of the signs that EVERYONE takes a picture in front of when they come to and leave BYU. Proud (maybe not the right word) to say that I never took a picture with either sign. Ever.

But anyway, this quote is on the door going into the University for People at Southwest. I'm sure the quote is used all over but I had only ever associated it and seen it at BYU. Who knew?

Paul hasn't started work yet so he's being awesome and taking care of everything at home. Cooking, getting ripped . . all that good stuff : P

I love having friends!

Luv, Lindsay

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