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Home, Sweet Home.

After we crossed everything off our lists for school...

Said good-bye to our old jobs...


And loaded...

We finally got here. And it finally feels like we are home. We have been here for almost two weeks now. It has been filled with lots of shopping..and lots of bugs.

Luckily there is a wonderful man who lives in an apartment just around the hall and he has been doing a lot of work to help us with our bug problem. We are very grateful as we have gone from about 7 of these lovely things a day to about 2. And most of them now are already dead when we find them. Our vacuum has become a permanent part of our furniture because that is how we killed much easier to catch that way. It started smelling HORRIBLE so it's on a break now. We took it apart and washed it. Thank you, mom, for our wonderful Dyson vacuum. :)

I have never been a decorator. But tried really hard to make our apartment look really pretty . . Enjoy :)

We built most of the furniture ourselves.

We still have to find things to put in the cubes..

Bathroom..where most of the bugs have been found.
Our bathmat is pretty incredible. So squishy and soft! And Paul loves how much counter space we have.


Little office area. Finally got the printer up and running.

Our little dining area. Behind it, our puzzles! They are all 1000 pieces and we loved them so much, we framed them. We have finished another one and are working on yet another.

 I love the layout of our apartment.

Our new toys :) Tv, apple TV, Xbox with kinect, and finally got our internet set up. Since we won't be around too much we're getting rid of cable but are enjoying it free for a month :) 

Our couch and ottoman.

Rocking love sac. I love our furniture. It's so soft and comfortable!

Two weeks until I start at Southwest Airlines! So excited. Our ward here has been great. Everyone is very friendly. I think we're going to like it here :)

Luv, Lindsay

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