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Road Trip

We drove for 3 days to get to Texas. Here are some pictures documenting our travels.

 Last picture in Utah

 Stopped in New Mexico for a night. Route 66!
 Guess what, mom? I got an air freshener for my car. :) Smells like lemon and berries.

 We love driving for a loooong long time.

 Boring drive:

 It was so hot, our gummy bears melted into a big glob.

 The Big Texan. Delicious, big steaks!

 This is what most of our drive looked like. So boring.

Now to begin the story of the move.

Boxes. The stack got lots bigger before we threw them away.
We have become the masters of taking the absolute minimum number of trips from the car to the apartment, and from wherever we have picked it up from. Masters of real-life tetris and one-trips. That's us.

Stay tuned. Tales of bugs and lovely decorating to come.

Luv, Lindsay

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