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Christmas Break

I know it was a month ago..but here are some highlight from our Christmas season!

Paul's holiday work party. This was after the dance portion of the party, which explains why my hair is a little crazy.

We went to a house warming party for some of our friends who recently moved to Dallas. It was so fun and I won a tootsie pop the size of my head! (It was a plastic one filled with normal tootsie pops)

Paul started studying for the CPA exam and grew out a beard.

We went and saw our BYU Cougars play against the Baylor Bears down in Waco. It was a super fun night with my cousin and his family. 

Unfortunately due to an overturned semi, we got stuck on the freeway and it took about twice as long as it should have to get home. Good times.

We headed out to Utah on December 23. Our flight attendant turned out the cabin lights and had everyone push their call buttons so it looked like Christmas lights! I love when flight attendants are creative and fun :)

On Christmas Eve we were helping finish up a present for my dad. It was an awesome and slightly embarrassing music video we all put together for him. Unfortunately that will never be seen by the public as far as I'm aware. But somehow a Batman mask became involved..

Christmas day was filled with lots of family and delicious food. We got some clothes, Maverick's tickets, and a wheat grinder for Christmas (the present I really wanted!) among other fun things. It was a great Christmas, mostly because we got to hang out with family and play all week long!

The boys had a fun week. It was filled with Skylanders on the Wii, Foosball tournaments, and trying to beat each others' records on the new Pop-a-Shot they got for Christmas. I love seeing the boys have a good time together!

We once again got to use our connections back at BYU to see a game with the family. We got hooked up with court side seats! So much fun. It felt great to be back.

Another fun night was going to see the lights up at Temple Square.
Paul doesn't normally wear hats but I thought this one looked quite handsome on him. It was a freezing cold night. It snowed several times while we were there.

Favorite picture. Those of you who know all three of us Matheson sisters know that this picture is basically a description of each of our personalities. 

We went to another BYU basketball game at Energy Solutions Arena and spent some time with Paul's sister and her husband and dog. It was overall a very successful trip!

The trip home was a little more stressful with several delays and over 12 hours of travel that was originally supposed to be closer to 6. We finished two puzzles soon after getting home and are looking for some new great ones! 
Can you guess why this one has been my favorite? :)

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  1. We loved the Christmas holiday with you. We miss you and think you and Paul are awesome!


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