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Thanksgiving and Beyond.

I know this is a little late..but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving and things..

 My cute niece :)

Poor Paul was sick almost the whole time but was a good sport.

Cute nephew! He loved Paul.

New favorite snack: peanut butter and Ritz.

One day Paul only had to go to work for half a day so we played basketball when he got home. In our apartment.

Yes, there is tape on the floor outlining our basketball court. This is Paul's new favorite toy. He practices his basketball almost every day. It's cute :)

We kicked off the Christmas season with hot chocolate and watching the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.

Paul has started studying for the CPA exam. He gets up early ever morning to study and it will begin taking up our weekends very soon I'm sure. He will be working on this sucker for the next year. Boo.

Thoughts on Paul's beard?

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. Cute! Love all the glam pics :) you guys are hilarious with the bball in your apt. We need to see some video of Paul's skillzzzzz


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