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Paul and I love puzzles. By January we had completed either 1000 piece puzzles together.

One Sunday Paul was leaving for Tyler, Texas where he would spend the week at a client. We had just gotten a new puzzle for Christmas from my family so we started it together and bascally only finished the edges before he had to go.

Paul is the real puzzle expert (I get frustrated with the parts that all look the same like the sky, water, etc) so I just decided to sort the pieces by area/color and do some of the easier sections.

So I got started and was having a pretty good time. I just kept going and going until probably 12:30 or 1 in the morning...
Not bad for one day, huh?

The next morning I went right back to work and within 24 hours of starting, I had become the new puzzle expert:
Everything done minus the sky. I waited until Paul got home that weekend to finish since the sky is always his favorite part. It's a beautiful puzzle.

I also got a haircut and glasses this month! I haven't worn glasses since probably junior high so they have taken some getting used to.

I also perfected my roll recipe this month. Texas/my apartment requires some adjustments when making these beauties. But I have finally figured it out and they have become quite a hit!

Random lizard while house hunting..the house had been vacant.

Last year I became a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan. So Paul got us tickets to see them play the Mavs at the American Airlines Center!

It was an amazing game. I had such a blast! It went into overtime with a last second shot by the Mavs and KD (favorite player!) delivered at the end and the Thunder pulled off the win. Couldn't have asked for a better game!

We've made some awesome friends since moving to Dallas. This makes for getting invited to great parties where the boys play Poker and the girls chat until after midnight.

We love Dallas! I have no plans to leave.

Luv, Lindsay

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