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Stories of IMG

Working at IMG (dealing with BYU Sports sponsorships) has been an amazing opportunity for both Lindsay and me. We have had many free meals (like the one in the first pic) from La Jolla Groves, and we have had some funny stories that we will always remember.

For the past month, Lindsay has had some weird stuff going on. This week she went to the doctor to see what her symptoms were all about, and he decided to test for pregnancy. We found out that Lindsay is not preg-o, but the IMG team wanted to give Lindsay a little more anxiety than she wanted before we got the results.

So, once we found out for sure, we decided to water down a pregnancy test to make it negative and put it on her supervisor's desk at work. The thought of a used pregnancy test on your desk doesn't sound too great, but they thought it was hilarious.

After dinner tonight at La Jolla Groves we went to Blickenstaff's and found these trains. Of course we had to spell out our name...and yes we did leave it like that.


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