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Tonight after some lovely visiting teaching, I expected to go to sleep not knowing when Paul was going to get home from his fun-filled evening of basketball and bowling. And then after watching "The Biggest Loser," "Fashion Star" came on. I've never gotten into the fashion shows like "Project Runway" and such, but I started watching this and I actually really liked it.

I think I like it because they are actually designing for consumers, not for the runway. They are things that real people would actually wear. Now unfortunately their clothing styles aren't typically those I would wear and not modest enough for me to buy, it's still cool to see. And this dress is dang cute.

and it's already sold out at Macys. That's crazy. Actually, pretty much everything on TONIGHT's show is already sold out. TONIGHT. Gotta love media.

So I stayed up late and probably won't get enough sleep.


luv, lindsay

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