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What's wrong with the Y?

I played the piano on Saturday for the first time in a while. And I actually played. For real. And for a few hours. I stopped taking lessons because I got tendinitis and, unfortunately, it seems that I still have some of the effects. But it was fun to play and I don't sound too horrible.

On Saturday while Paul was playing capture the flag at the "Ernst & Younger Games," I was at the spring game for football. It's basically a scrimmage with the BYU Football team. It was pretty boring. But take a look at the field...

Do you notice anything odd?
Well, the Y is backwards. 
I bet someone feels really silly about that.

Kentucky vs. Louisville in the Final Four! Pretty cool. Paul is SO excited.

This week was pretty rough with school. We are coming down the home stretch with tests and assignments, and everything is all piling up on itself. I only have 7 days left of class! It's going to be a busy few weeks though. We have to start packing and studying for finals and getting everything ready for Texas.

I won $100 this morning doing a mock sales presentation to Target. I was Durham Brands and they have this sweet new bag coming out. They're called Kaboo Bags and have a tech pouch for your iPad, Nook, etc. I think I want to buy one.

We are probably buying an XBox . . and we don't even have a TV. Go figure.

Luv, Lindsay

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