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"I'm getting so good at chewing!"

Have you ever had oral surgery? It's not fun. Especially when it's a gum graft. On your front four teeth. Ouch!

Pre-surgery, as well as during and after, included lots of pill popping. 

In a 24 hour period I took 4 different prescriptions. Including 11 steroid pills. Sleeping became a challenge being on those suckers.

I was pretty nervous for the surgery, especially since I was going to be awake for it. There is just something about having someone right in your face that makes things slightly terrifying. Luckily I opted for a relaxation pill that helped. I was very aware of what they were doing, but it didn't freak me out until later when I thought about it. The Novocaine wore off at the very end so I could feel the end of the stitching which was very uncomfortable. The drive home was very painful, but thanks to a great surgeon and advanced procedure, I only took pain pills the first 24 hours. After that I was hardly in any pain!
Slightly swollen for a few days.
Gotta love eating all the sweet, cold, soft food that comes with oral procedures. I got so tired of these types of things. But I am grateful for my awesome mother in law and friends who helped me out, brought me goodies, and kept me company with calls and texts.
First chewable food post surgery? Hershey's Chocolate Cheese Cake from the Cheesecake Factory. It took a little while but I am finally eating normal! It took a lot of practice. I just can't bit off things like hamburgers and apples. Everything has to be cut up and placed in the back of my mouth. good thing most things work that way :)

Hopefully I don't go through this again!

Luv, Lindsay

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